Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Color Combo: Purple and Red

Have you ever been trapped in a style rut of the same colors over and over again? This series here on Klothes and Kittens is to help inspire you to try out new color combinations. Each article in this series will have a casual outfit, a formal outfit, and a subtle outfit, for those who don't care for using bold colors or are new to color experimentation.

Today's color combination to try is red and purple. Not sure how this will work out? Check out the three outfits below!

Outfit 1 - Casual:

Color Combo: Purple and Red

Cotton sweater A line skirt Ballerina flat 59 Seconds colorful tote bag Tear drop necklace Forever 21 nail polish

Not many people I know think of this color combination. But, red and purple are right next to each other on the color wheel, and when combined, create a rich, intense look. Start with a black pleated skirt, and add a white-to-purple ombre sweater to keep the outfit trendy. Add purple flats to match, and a red statement necklace. Red nail polish adds a sexy vibe, and a black tote to carry your books finishes the look.

Outfit 2 - Formal:

Color Combo: Purple and Red Outfit 2

Red dress High heel shoes Lulu townsend Wet seal

For a more formal take on the purple/red color combination, put on a trendy red peplum dress. Put on a purple statement necklace, feminine black pumps, and a black waist belt. Finish off the look by styling your hair with gorgeous waterfall curls and a purple clutch.

Outfit 3 - Subtle:

Color Combo: Purple and Red Outfit 3

Floral top Navy jeans Mid calf boots Messenger bag Red pendant necklace Lipsy bow ring

This combination of purple and red is great for those who are new to mixing colors or who just don't care for bold color-blocking. Start with a pair of comfy skinny jeans. Put on a purple floral top. The lace sleeves are fashion-forward, and the red flowers are great for spring. Add a black messenger bag and black boots to keep the look casual. For the finishing touches, add a red rosette necklace that matches the top, and a silver bow ring for some sparkle.

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